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It is an exciting, but confusing time for technology in healthcare. There is more data than ever before, and new analytics, compute, and digital capabilities are transforming the landscape.

Yet, it can be difficult to keep up and think about the impact on how we care for patients. Byte to Bedside is an open exploration of new digital and data driven technologies in healthcare, and how we can help shape the conversation around bringing them to the bedside.

About the author:

Ron Li is a practicing internal medicine physician who works at the intersection of clinical medicine, informatics, artificial intelligence, and digital health. He is on faculty at Stanford School of Medicine and is the Medical Informatics Director for Digital Health at Stanford Health Care. His work centers around the development and implementation of digitally enabled products and processes that help people live healthier lives. He is also the co-founder and Director of the Stanford Emerging Applications Lab (SEAL).

Ron received his MD from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his training in internal medicine and clinical informatics at Stanford University School of Medicine.

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An exploration of how emerging health tech can be brought to the bedside.


I am a physician and write about how to bring emerging technologies to patient care.